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Summer Science 2014

For the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition 2014, Imperial College London, Institut de Méchanique de Fluides de Toulouse (IMFT) and Laboratoire PLAsma et Conversion d'Energie (LAPLACE) have come together to present some of their current research.

Click on the exhibits below to learn more about their application and how they relate to processes in nature.

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Imperial College London

Flow Control Group

South Kensington, London

Institut de Méchanique de Fluides de Toulouse (IMFT)

EMT2 «Écoulements Monophasiques Transitionnels et Turbulents»

Toulouse, France

Laboratoire PLAsma et Conversion d'Energie (LAPLACE)

GREM3 «Groupe de Recherches en Electrodynamique»

Toulouse, France

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Opening Times:

Tue 1 July 10am - 9pm
Wed 2 July 10am - 5pm
Thu 3 July 10am - 5pm
Fri 4 July 10am - 8pm
Sat 5 July 10am - 6pm
Sun 6 July 10am - 6pm
Note: Last entry is 30 minutes before closing time
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